Substance Abuse Centers

Addiction Treatment Center HR Software

Those working in substance abuse and addiction recovery centers face various unique challenges, including:

A customizable Human Capital Management (HCM) software program is the ideal answer to these issues.

HCM Technology Reinvented Just for You

Lessen your risk exposure and optimize your potential with personalized HR and employee platforms for substance abuse programs.

Robust Time Management Solutions for Rehab Facilities

Up your accuracy with rehab center employee time tracker software. These solutions make it easy to:

Confident In-House Payroll

Skip the paper-based processes, spreadsheets and manual adjustments. Complete payroll service platforms for substance abuse facilities do the work for you by:

Better Talent Acquisition Processes

Highly qualified substance misuse staff are in demand, meaning you need solid recruiting approaches to attract, identify and retain them. Well-featured HCM solutions contain tools to:

Around-The-Clock Employee Connections

Working nontraditional schedules can make employees feel disconnected from support. Let them know they’re at the heart of your organization with employee self-service tools that allow them to:

Custom Reporting and Analytics

Keep everyone informed of what matters with custom reporting and analytics. Use your personalized organizational data to:

Why Empeon HR Software for Substance Abuse Facilities?

Empeon has delivered some of the industry’s most powerful HCM software solutions since 1998. Addiction treatment and recovery facilities continue to partner with us for more advantages, like:

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