The Ultimate Resource to Scaling Your Skilled Nursing Organization: A Guide for CFOs

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach, but following the lead of successful CFOs is an excellent place to start. Target your strategy using tried-and-true financial and operational strategies.

Glean insights from healthcare experts and CFOs.

Skilled nursing facilities (SNFs) have long battled staffing shortages, and numbers spiked during the pandemic. Despite the pandemic’s end, many nursing facilities continue to struggle. Can a detailed financial growth strategy help combat challenges?

Learn more about scaling a skilled nursing business.
Recognize common challenges to develop growth strategies. In this guide, you’ll learn:
Ways to assess market demand

Ways to assess
market demand

How to analyze the competitive landscape

How to analyze the competitive landscape

The best ways to leverage technology

The best ways to
leverage technology

“A healthy gross profit margin in general business is around 10%. However, over the last few years, healthy SNFs have generated a gross profit margin of 9.5%.”

Healthy Gross
Healthcare businesses face risks from every direction.
From theft and fire to shifts in interest rates and labor costs,
navigate hurdles and compliance obligations by:

complications in advance

Responding to and
managing risks

Simplifying compliance
with technology

Make the most of KPIs
and technology

In this guide, you’ll see how to:

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