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A better way to manage caregiver shifts

We are excited to introduce the beta version of our Scheduling solution. Designed to make healthcare workforce management simpler, more reliable and less stressful, the new product is a long-anticipated addition to our already feature-rich Time & Attendance module.

Manage Shifts On the Go

Empeon’s flexible HCM platform makes scheduling quick, user-friendly and error-proof for a range of healthcare organizations, including hospitals, urgent care, rehabilitation and long-term care providers.

Never be caught unprepared by an unexpected caregiver call-out again!

Make sure you’re in position to deliver the best patient care possible. Bring order, transparency and empowerment to your dedicated healthcare HR team and irreplaceable caregivers.


Empeon’s scheduling solution is designed specifically for the challenges and realities of long-term care and skilled nursing providers.

Use Cases:

Features and Capabilities

Customize Rates

Set different pay rates or a bonus for hard-to-fill shifts

Shift Organization

Color code shifts for differentiation and easy recognition

Location Setting

Pair shifts with patient addresses for convenience

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