Incident Reporting Software

Incident Reporting Software

In workplace safety programs, incident reporting plays a critical role in protecting your team and keeping them productive. While many organizations acknowledge the importance of incident reporting, juggling multiple responsibilities and a lack of organization may lead these reports nowhere. With Empeon, incident reporting excellence is within reach.

Keep Your Organization Safe With Simple Incident Reporting

Incident reporting is an important responsibility for all types of companies. Whether there’s an accident, injury or security incident, reporting these events allows you and your team to identify what went wrong and how to fix it.

Reporting incidents like these are often an HR task. The challenge is that this responsibility joins a long list of to-dos that you and your team have to handle. You might have a documentation process in place, but where do the documents end up? Do you ever reference them again, and are they making a difference in your organization?

With the excess paperwork coming out of HR, incident reports may be one of many loose documents that don’t get the attention they need. Empeon understands how challenging this reporting can be and offers a platform to change the way you address incidents.

Submit, Track and Update Electronically

Our platform includes an incident reporting feature under our HR management tools. The function allows you to work through three key processes:

Choose Empeon for Incident Reporting Software

Your healthcare organization should feel empowered to keep your teams safe. With our incident reporting software, you can follow through with reports and make meaningful changes to processes and workflows. See how our platform can lighten the load for HR teams and make a difference in your organization.

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