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July 12, 2023

Empeon and Making Healthcare HR Simpler

by Mark Bochkis

Montebello, NY – In June, Empeon and announced the release of an API integration connecting the two healthcare HR SaaS providers. The data-sharing relationship allows HR teams to streamline and automate their learning management process, empowering Empeon customers to save time, improve data quality and increase efficiency.  


Easy-to-use, cool technology has never really been focused on in the healthcare industry,” says Avi Singer,’s CEO. “Our partnership, and collaborations like ours, are starting to change that.” 

We sat down with Singer and Morris Isaacson, Empeon’s Executive Vice President for Marketing and Sales, to explore the impact of this relationship on our customers and the broader marketplace, and to learn more about how the partnership came about.  

How the Integration Benefits Empeon Customers  


Keeping track of required employee trainings and important certifications is a constant source of worry for HR teams, especially in the heavily regulated healthcare sector. Connecting’s best-in-breed Learning Management System (LMS) software to Empeon’s flexible HR+Payroll platform streamlines the process – saving time and labor, and ensuring greater data quality.  

Instead of relying on multiple, disconnected systems to monitor and track completion of employee trainings or credentialing requirements, users are able to leverage the integration in the Empeon platform to automate the process. The integration offers tremendous benefits for Empeon customers looking to further optimize HR functions like employee onboarding and regulatory compliance.  

How the Empeon/ Integration Works  


The application needs accurate employee information to book the right trainings for the right workers. However, HR teams in healthcare face some of the highest rates of employee turnover. This adds to the challenges involved with licensure and credentialing, and makes continuous, secure access to regularly updated employee data imperative.  


That’s exactly what Empeon brings to the table – our platform provides accurate employee data in real time. As new employee information is entered into Empeon, the updates automatically trigger the required actions and adjustments in’s LMS.  

How Did the Partnership Come About?   


Both Empeon and are recognized innovators in the healthcare HR industry. That expertise and reputation for creative problem-solving are what makes our teams such a good match. is a leader in the online compliance training space. It made a lot of sense for us to partner with someone who knows the healthcare sector so well,” says Isaacson. “The team is great. They’re easy to work with. They’re very enthusiastic. They know the marketplace well. They know what’s needed and they’re able to deliver.”   


Likewise, the team was looking for a capable partner with a comprehensive view of the HR ecosystem. Empeon’s reputation for accuracy and reliability are two of the biggest factors that attracted to develop a working relationship.  


What I love about working with the Empeon team is there is a hunger and a real drive to become a real Human Capital Management solution, says Singer. “As soon as I saw that, I knew Empeon was someone we were going to be talking to regularly.” 

Interoperability: Future of Healthcare HR  


At Empeon, we’re looking to strengthen and grow our relationship with and other providers of cutting-edge healthcare HR solutions. The more we can do to streamline HR processes and give users the data and services they need, the more value we deliver to our customers. That’s what we’re interested in doing first and foremost. And that’s what drives our collaborative efforts with other innovative healthcare SaaS market leaders. 


As healthcare organizations become more sophisticated in their approach to technology, they’re starting to gain expectations that their system of record […] is an open system, and is able to interact with other best-of-breed software,” says Singer. “If you’re just good at what you do and that’s it, that’s limiting. But if you’re good at what you do, plus you’re able to ingest and use data from other sources, and provide data to other sources, you really become something special.”  


Expecting and relying more on digital solutions isn’t a new trend. As savvy operators in the healthcare space continue to embrace digital transformation, interoperability is, indeed, poised to become the new operational reality.  


In many ways, this trend is accelerated by our own personal experiences with technology. Today’s digital-native users expect – and have become reliant upon – user-friendly solutions for increasingly complex functions. That’s certainly what the healthcare workforce of tomorrow is going to expect. And that’s where the Empeon team keeps our focus… on empowering your people in the modern workplace.  


Looking for a powerful HR+Payroll engine flexible enough to meet your technology needs today and tomorrow? Let’s talk.    

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