Skilled Nursing

Nursing Home Payroll Software

Today’s skilled nursing workforce requires more than what many current technology solutions deliver. Team members need systems to:

In other words, your skilled care facility needs a customized Human Capital Management (HCM) system.

Payroll & HR Software Built For Skilled Nursing

Flexible and innovative HR and employee platforms for nursing facilities simplify your unique workflows to minimize risks and maximize your assets.

Eliminate Complexity With Payroll Service Platforms for Skilled Nursing Facilities

A robust software solution lets you:

Digitize Record Keeping

Paper files pose numerous challenges — they’re insecure, unwieldy and unorganized. Replace them with a digital filing cabinet that allows you to:

Accelerate Hiring

Spend more time hiring and onboarding the right team members and less time finding them. HCM software helps you win at talent acquisition and engaging new-hire processes by:

Gain a Holistic Perspective

Your business intelligence is far more valuable when it provides insights across your care facility. Integrate the information from disparate systems to:

The Empeon Difference

Empeon has a history of excellence dating back to 1998. We’re a leading choice for skilled nursing HR and payroll platforms because:

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