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Simplify your entire recruitment process, and quickly find the best candidates for your organization. Smart automation means less hunting and more hiring.

Attract Talent

Instantly post to dozens of job boards with the click of a button


Automatically move candidates through each stage of the hiring process

Data Analytics

Understand usage trends, demographic breakdown, and referral sources

Referral program

Let your great people find more great people.

Multi-lingual posting

Cover every market including Spanish, French, German and more

Compliance and Screening

Background checks, licenses and certification documentation roll directly into the HR system.

Employee Tax Credit

Identify candidates who qualify for up to $9,600 in Federal Tax Credit. In partnership with WOTC

Team Collaboration

Easily manage the hiring process across the entire team with advanced user permissions, and custom workflows.

When it comes to tracking and managing your workforce, knowledge is performance. See who worked where, when, how, with whom— while saving time and preempting costly errors.

Real-Time Tracking

Numerous, precise attendance tools for team and managers

Mobile Everything

All-capable app with geo-location tracking, schedules and more

Proactively Compliant

Support for per-locale requirements to reduce risk and error

Automate at Will

Set custom alerts, rules, overtime calcs, auto approvals, etc.

ESS Labor Dashboard

Employee portal for earnings tracking and time off requests

Endless Calculations

Powerful benefit accruals engine with total customizability

Workforce Scheduling

Shifts sync to calendar and auto-schedule + track worked time


Data propagates to payroll, tax, HR, and benefits functions

Payroll has never rolled easier. Discover the 100% custom Empeon payroll engine, and run massive amounts of complex, nuanced pay calculations without so much as pen or paper.

Omnipotent Engine

Power through any mountain of custom pay calculations

Full Union Module

Set applicable union rules, automations and deductions

Tax Management

Federal, state and local taxes deducted and e-filed

Pay Any Way

Checks by mail, direct deposit, pay cards and more

Compliance Ensured

Expert regulatory and compliance support in every state

Real-Time Analytics

Built-in error detection and alerting with full online reporting

Custom Audits

Set unlimited triggers for approvable payroll audits

True Guided UX

Self-explanatory and a joy to use by absolutely anyone

Get all the resources all your humans need to thrive. With HR tools backed by expert HR insights and services, you can finally treat your people right—without mistreating your HR staff.

HR Support Center

Knowledge. Articles. Compliance. Policies. Forms. And more

Time Off Management

Eligibility-based requests, plus flexible managerial tools

Leave Management

Set entitlements with parameters, and e-process absences

Performance Tracking

Review triggers. E-communication. Rate changes. Plus.

Incident Reporting

Electronically submit, track and update incident reports

Employee Discipline

Record, track, view and print disciplines with e-signatures

People Skills

Insightful support from Empeon’s own HCM specialists

Obsessive Privacy

All data secured with industry-leading encryption standards

Win great people. Maximize every dollar. Gain total control over your benefits program. All with a smart, efficient, customizable platform that’s up to date for the modern workforce.

Benefits Management

Set plans. See eligibility. Control rules and contributions

Benefits ESS

Employees can view and join plans, track requests, and more

Insurance Module

Effortlessly manage insurance plans and administration

FringePay Platform

Company stipends and tax-advantaged benefits, in one card

Workers’ Comp Calcs

WCC premiums calculated on an ongoing basis

COBRA Management

Send notices, track responses, and manage reenrollment

Auto Compliance

Automated ACA auditing, support and annual IRS reporting

Seamless Integration

All benefits data seamlessly synced with payroll and HR

Put your data to work by extracting valuable insights from every collection point. If there’s a pattern, trend, inefficiency or opportunity, identify and quantify it with machine learning.

Data, everywhere

Pull and push data and analytics among any and all areas

Intuitive Module

Reports module built with all levels of leadership in mind

1-Click Export

Share reports with internal and external decision makers

Reports Archive

Wealth of custom and standardized reports, generated in real time

Easy Benchmarking

Evaluate your business performance against reliable market data

Raw Data Export

Bring your data into other reporting systems and tools

Trend Tracking

Chart views of staff changes, labor input, pay, and system use

Budget Insights

Benchmark pay to refine fiscal strategies and plan ahead

Systemwide Features
At Empeon, features are simply examples of what’s possible. Take advantage of the most flexible, customizable HCM solution to build the healthiest, highest-performing company.

Flexible User Security

Customize user roles, permissions, and filters with easy, self-explanatory settings

Email Alerts & Reminders

Support for per-locale requirements to reduce risk and error

Legendary Emepon Power

All the capability and customization of Empeon, backed by real, local support

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