Employee Record Keeping

Employee Record Keeping Software

Keeping complete and accurate employee records is vital to stay compliant, standardize policies and track performance. Outdated record-keeping approaches present challenges like:

Empeon’s employee record-keeping software is a better solution for the modern healthcare employer’s approach to HR document management.

Simplify Your Employee Record Keeping

Personnel record software centralizes your files, making information easier to locate, manage and secure.

Staff Self-Service Tools

Take some burdens off of your HR staff by giving your workforce employees self-service tools for routine functions. Empower your team members to:

Licensing, Certification and Training Management

Stay in the know about staff education, medical requirements and more. A straightforward interface allows you to:

Compliance Support

Get record-keeping support when you need it. Our system provides:

Time Off and Leave Management

Maintain more control and simplify time off accounting with features to:

Performance and Discipline Tracking

Software solutions for employee discipline and performance record keeping help you document incidents and reward outperformers via digital personnel files. Monitor both with features to:

Information Security

One of the primary advantages of digital employee records is the ability to institute higher levels of access security. Use robust administrative controls to:

Why Empeon Is Different

Empeon isn’t a traditional cookie-cutter online employee record-keeping software — it’s a solution 100% customized for your health care facility. Plus, working with us delivers benefits like:

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We invite you to learn more about our employee file management software and the challenges it resolves by scheduling a free demo. Connect with an Empeon expert by submitting our online request form now.
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