Paths: Do More with Your HR Onboarding Software

Drive A More Efficient HR Department with an Automated Onboarding Process

Make the process work for you. Employee onboarding paperwork, training certifications and other forms of compliance documentation have always been a headache for HR professionals to manage. Even the most organized HR departments struggle with:

Automate your onboarding process and win back control of your company’s new hire and compliance procedures from inefficiency and bureaucratic gridlock. Get greater flexibility than ever before with Paths, a key addition to Empeon’s suite of digital HR Management solutions.

Employee Onboarding Tools to Maximize Productivity

If you’ve always felt there’s a better, more effective way to do HR at your place of business, Paths will
help you lead the way to a more optimized and organized future. Build and automate your own, custom
workflows and ensure company onboarding and compliance procedures are completed on time and
exactly as you intend.

Set it, forget it and get notified when it’s done. Create custom workflows and intuitive employee onboarding tools using features such as:

Create Custom Paths for Existing Employees

Paths excels as onboarding automation software — but its capabilities extend far beyond the new hire process. With our custom paths feature, you can share action items with employees throughout their time with your organization. These tasks might include completing annual training, reading and signing forms and completing benefits enrollment.


The user-friendly interface makes it easy to track an employee’s progress with their action items and access any uploaded documents related to the task. Capabilities include:

With Paths in your toolkit, your HR team can keep up with compliance training and track professional development with ease. Streamline HR task management and improve the employee experience by laying out clear action steps for every person. With complete customization, you can include everything you need and sidestep anything you don’t.

Industries Served

Paths is designed to automate the onboarding process and streamline employee task management in the health care industry. HR management is complex across sectors, but the health care industry presents some of the most challenging onboarding and compliance demands.


Use Paths for:

These industries often face complex staffing and onboarding needs alongside extensive compliance requirements. With Paths, you can keep up with onboarding processes without overextending your team. When your employees are officially onboarded, Paths is your trusted tool for delegating employee compliance and benefits tasks.

Want To See How It Works?

Empeon has been a leader in HCM solutions for the health care space since 1998. With our decades of experience, we’ve found the balance between technology, design and support to deliver unmatched solutions to health care teams. Our goal is to translate the complexities of HR task management into software that’s intuitive and comprehensive. Paths does just that.


Our team of HR experts offers powerful insights into our software for a platform that addresses your unique needs. Leverage Paths in a way that works for you via our turnkey approach.


Want to see how it works? Request a demo today to see Paths in action and how it can simplify your HR demands.

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