Paths: Do More with Your HR Onboarding Software

Drive A More Efficient HR Department with an Automated Onboarding Process

Make the process work for you. Employee onboarding paperwork, training certifications and other forms of compliance documentation have always been a headache for HR professionals to manage. Even the most organized HR departments struggle with:

Automate your onboarding process and win back control of your company’s new hire and compliance procedures from inefficiency and bureaucratic gridlock. Get greater flexibility than ever before with Paths, a key addition to Empeon’s suite of digital HR Management solutions.

Employee Onboarding Tools to Maximize Productivity

If you’ve always felt there’s a better, more effective way to do HR at your place of business, Paths will
help you lead the way to a more optimized and organized future. Build and automate your own, custom
workflows and ensure company onboarding and compliance procedures are completed on time and
exactly as you intend.

Set it, forget it and get notified when it’s done. Create custom workflows and intuitive employee
onboarding tools using features such as:

Want to see how it works?

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