Urgent Care Centers

HR Software for Urgent Care Centers

HR teams and employees in urgent care facilities juggle several challenges, including:

A Human Capital Management (HCM) solution helps boost compliance, reduce errors, improve organizational visibility and save time.

Trusted HR Software for Urgent Care Centers

HR systems are crucial components for reducing risk exposure and maximizing efficiency.

Get Hands-On With Time and Attendance

Urgent care employee time tracker software helps you control time and labor management. Automated tools and custom rules let you:

Take the Tediousness out of Payroll

Integrating payroll with essential employee data eliminates the need for manual entry or calculation. Cut the complexity with a payroll service platform for urgent care facilities to:

Rock Your Recruiting

Competitive compensation is only one factor driving your talent acquisition — others include effective candidate identification and seamless hiring experiences. The ideal platform will support these with functionality to:

Empower Employee Independence

Let’s face it — urgent care teams need more time to focus on patients, not paperwork. A full-featured HCM platform uses employee self-service tools to help speed up processes, like:

Get a More In-Depth Perspective

With robust analytics that compile data from disparate systems, you get a consolidated view of your entire organization for better decision-making. This data helps you:

Why Empeon Is the Clear Choice Among Urgent Care HR and Payroll Platforms

Since 1998, Empeon has been a pioneer in providing comprehensive time management solutions for urgent care services. When you partner with us, you enjoy advantages like:

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