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May 1, 2023

Employee Spotlight: Mimi Lewi

by Garth Estadt

Q: What is your professional background?

A: I am a CPP (certified payroll professional) with more than 20 years of experience in finance and payroll taxes. Prior to joining Empeon, I served as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a kitchen manufacturer for about 10 years. That company was actually a customer of Empeon.

Q: How long have you been Empeon and what do you do at the company?



A: I’ve been with Empeon since 2010. And I was actually very honored to be recruited to come work at such a cutting-edge, modern company. In my time here, I’ve done pretty much every job there is – from customer service to providing advice on how to build out the tax-relevant portions of our software. However, I was hired for my tax expertise, and currently serve as the Tax and Compliance Director.



As part of my duties, I keep an eye on all the taxing jurisdictions and agencies to stay current with any changes and ensure that our software is always 100% in compliance. I also make sure we’re making the right payments, to the right agencies and the right banks, at the right frequencies.

Q: What is your proudest moment from your time at Empeon?


A: My proudest moment is hopefully still to come. But the completion of the first iteration of our product was a big milestone. Particularly, I was very proud of our Data Quiz program, which allowed all sorts of on-demand, custom reporting for our payroll customers. You would have thought that we created the ultimate, game-changing feature in payroll software.



We learned a lot from our first forays into the SaaS world. And that led directly to our decision to go bigger and broader in creating a more comprehensive HR and payroll solution.


Getting positive feedback from our clients also always makes me proud. And meeting our users in-person, which happened the other day. I ran into someone at a wedding, and this person said: “Oh, you work at Empeon? Your system is amazing. My staff loves it!”. That is an unbelievable feeling.

Q: What is your unique ability? How do you use that experitse to help Empeon clients?


A: Again, I started out as a client of this company. I’ve done payroll for 700, 800 employees. I have experience with payroll, scheduling, time & attendance, HR… you name it. So I understand what our customers’ needs are. When they call, I understand what makes them tick, what’s important to them and why.


I really try to put myself in the shoes of our customers. And then, because I understand all the moving parts of software development, I can help them find the right solution. Or, I can translate our customer’s requests into a language our developers understand in developing new features.

Q: You've been with the company for a while. How has Empeon changed in your time here?


A: I’ve watched our company evolve from a small payroll shop that used someone else’s software, to a sophisticated, modern software company with solutions for all major HR functions, supporting seamless user experiences fully customizable to our customers’ operational models. I was here before we built out the breadth of our Empeon software. We started out with the mentality of, “If you can put it on paper, we can build it for you.” And we did a lot of custom work for a lot of our customers. But, it got to the point where we were just running around doing special projects and solutions.



I think our company really came together in its current form when the decision was made to create a comprehensive, intuitive, user-friendly HR digital platform. And that’s what we have today, a system that delivers amazing functionality with standard components that can still be fully customized to each client’s needs.

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