Time & Labor Management Software

Time Management Software

As a demanding 24/7/365 industry, modern health care time and labor management challenges are highly unique. Common issues include:

Supporting efficient staffing management and high-quality patient care is increasingly challenging without the right tools.

Opt for a Robust Time and Labor Management Solution

Empeon is full-featured employee time-tracking software that simplifies time and labor management while reducing risks.

Leverage Real-Time Insights

Accurate digital information gives you the insight you and your team need for higher efficiency. Precise time and attendance tools provide the transparency you need to:

Take a Mobile-Friendly Approach

Empower staff to log time from their connected devices. Benefits include:

Get Proactive Compliance Support

Support your per-locale requirements. Customizable employee time-tracking software enables you to:

Harness Powerful Automation

Spreadsheets are time-consuming to maintain and can grow complex as time moves on. Employee time management software replaces your manual processes and allows you to:

Enable Employee Self-Service Tools

Empower your people with 24/7 access to:

Perform Robust Calculations

Take the guesswork out of even the most complex calculations. Trust powerful software to handle:

Simplify Scheduling

Robust employee time clock software simplifies your scheduling processes. From a unified platform, you can:

Integrate With Existing Tools

Support interoperability with several tools you rely on daily. Platform cross-integrations let you:

Why Empeon for Time and Labor Management Software?

We’ve been a pioneer in human capital management software since 1998, and we continue to invest in new features and functions. Health care companies like yours trust us because:

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