Hospice & Palliative Care Payroll Software

HCM Software for Hospice Care

The hospice care workforce is complex, with intensive payroll and talent management demands that many technology solutions fail to acknowledge. Palliative care providers need software that:

At Empeon, we understand these challenges, and we’ve created a solution that meets and exceeds your payroll management demands in palliative care.

Features for Hospice and Palliative Care

The right hospice and palliative care payroll services software supports your agency and employees while minimizing risk. 

Introduce Flexibility in the Payroll Process

Our flexible payroll solutions for hospice and palliative care allow you to create custom rates based on the service provided and its location. You can also automate time and attendance data to save time and improve accuracy. The software allows you to perform pre-processing audits to detect errors or irregularities. 


Other features of our software include:

With these features in an intuitive and user-friendly platform, your HR team and your employees can enjoy the ease of payroll.

Stay Compliant With Incident Reporting and Employee Record Keeping

Reporting safety, injury or other incidents helps to keep your employees safe and allows you to correct concerns. Our hospice software enables you to submit, track and update incidents electronically, streamlining compliance and ensuring you can make the required changes to improve your employees’ experience. These advantages can increase retention.


Similarly, our software simplifies the employee record-keeping process. Maintain up-to-date details on each team member’s certifications and licensure and get reminders when a credential is near expiration. The record-keeping feature lets employees update their information when and as needed, easing the burden on your HR team.

Streamline Onboarding for Easy Hiring

Hiring shouldn’t be a headache. Automated onboarding solutions track candidates’ progress through the hiring process and keep paperwork moving along. Our onboarding solutions collect signatures at the right point during hiring and maintain records of employee licensing, ensuring credentials are current. 


Our onboarding solutions also support:

Find New Talent to Meet Industry Demand

As the demand for palliative and hospice care increases, your agency may need more people. Talent acquisition software helps you attract the best and brightest, hire them and retain them. 


Use our software to:

Trust Empeon for Palliative Care and Hospice Software

Empeon has led the charge in innovative HCM solutions since 1998. Our commitment to resolving the biggest challenges in health care payroll and employee management makes us a worthy partner for your organization. Leading companies continue to work with us for our:

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We’ve been a leader in human capital management for home health care for more than 20 years. When you partner with Empeon, you’ll enjoy U.S.-based support, month-to-month contracts, customizable HR and payroll solutions and white glove service. Schedule a demo of our hospice and palliative care HR and payroll solution today. 


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