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August 4, 2023

6 Ways Threads Can Help Healthcare Workforce Recruiting

by Morris Isaacson

In the dynamic landscape of social media platforms, Threads, a new app developed by Meta, is making waves. Offering Twitter-like features and a connection to Instagram, Threads presents a unique opportunity for nursing homes and long-term care facilities to enhance recruitment efforts and create a steady pipeline of engaged applicants.


From nurses and care assistants to administration and support staff, nursing homes have the daunting task of creating and maintaining cohesive, qualified, compassionate caregiver teams. How can your healthcare HR team leverage Threads to help? As the healthcare industry, in general, comes out from the challenges of the Great Resignation, new media platforms like Threads can help long term care providers stand out and attract talent.

A Closer Look at Threads Vs. X

Threads is a platform aimed at creating dialogue and sharing information. Logging in requires synchronizing your new profile to your Instagram account, letting you set up your profile with barely any effort. You can auto-follow the same people or businesses on both platforms as soon as you’re in—as long as they’re on Threads. While building a following on Twitter takes time, you can have hundreds of followers practically overnight on Threads.


One of the key differences between Threads and X is content length. On Threads, messages and videos can be nearly twice as long as on X, providing you with more space to express yourself. While long-standing X followers have nailed the art of sharing content in 280-character bits and 2 minutes of video, you may appreciate the extra wiggle room offered on Threads. This extended format is particularly beneficial for sharing detailed information about your organization, like job opportunities and unique selling points. Additionally, Threads allows up to 10 images per carousel, compared to Twitter’s limit of four, letting you showcase your facilities from multiple angles.

6 Ways Long Term Care Providers Can Boost Recruitment with Threads

Long term care providers and home health agencies deliver compassionate care, so building a talented and cohesive workforce is essential. Try these six suggestions on Threads for attracting and engaging excellent candidates:


1. Establish a Stronger Online Presence with Ease


Maximize recruitment efforts on Threads by using the platform to strengthen your existing online presence. You can reshare/reinforce your values, mission, and available job opportunities by publishing posts that perform well on other social media platforms. This approach also saves time and effort while ensuring consistent messaging across platforms.


2. Showcase the Positive Environment and Share Employee Testimonials


Use Threads to highlight your positive work environment and publish employee testimonial videos. You can share your organization’s commitment to employee well-being by publishing engaging content like behind-the-scenes glimpses and feel-good stories. Describe how you provide career development opportunities and work-life balance. With video and image capabilities similar to Instagram, you can provide a comprehensive view of the facilities and create an emotional connection with prospective candidates.


3. Foster Meaningful Conversations


Threads offers an opportunity for providers to engage in meaningful conversations with the community. You can demonstrate your active involvement with families, patients, and staff by posting topics that resonate with your values and mission. Conversations with potential candidates can help them see the nursing home as a positive workplace where they can make a difference.


4. Position Yourself as a Thought Leader


Regularly update followers about achievements, events, and community involvement. Healthcare HR teams can use Threads to share industry news, health tips, and educational content. In this way, you can position key figures in your facility as thought leaders and valuable resources in the community. With less competition on the platform, nursing homes can ensure their content stands out.


5. Engage with the Medical Community


Long term care providers can use Threads to engage with the larger healthcare community. By actively participating in discussions, sharing insights, and providing emotional support, you can establish your nursing home as a valuable contributor to the medical field and attract potential new staff.


6. Maintain Consistency and Authenticity


Consistency and authenticity are vital when using social platforms for recruitment purposes. Ensure that your messaging aligns with your values and culture. By maintaining a consistent tone of voice on each platform, your facilities can attract a wide variety of candidates who resonate with your mission and vision.

Threads is Another Useful Tool for Recruitment

Threads presents healthcare HR teams with yet another powerful tool to enhance recruitment efforts. You can help your facility establish a robust online presence, engage with candidates across the healthcare space, and position your team as thought leaders in the community. With its X-like focus on conversation and many of Instagram’s features, Threads provides nursing homes with a unique opportunity to attract top talent and create a thriving, compassionate healthcare team.

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