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October 10, 2023

PRESS RELEASE: Empeon Launches Scheduling Solution to Optimize Healthcare Workforce Management

by Morris Isaacson

Montebello, NY –  Empeon, the enterprise-grade Human Capital Management (HCM) platform for health systems, today announced the beta release of its Scheduling solution. A digital-first and timely addition to Empeon’s comprehensive all-in-one HCM platform, including time and management, payroll, benefits management and more, the new product aims to simplify and enhance healthcare workforce management.

Managing caregiver shifts has long been a challenge for healthcare providers, and the introduction of newly proposed regulations, such as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) minimum staffing standards for long-term care facilities, only underscores the critical need for scheduling tools to efficiently handle employee shifts while ensuring compliance with evolving industry standards. Empeon’s Scheduling solution addresses these challenges head-on, making scheduling quick, user-friendly and error-proof for healthcare organizations with:  

  • Call-outs: Enables HR to notify their pool of caregivers of the vacated shift as soon as a call-out notification is received, ensuring shift vacancies are promptly filled.
  • Shift swaps: Simplify scheduling for everyone by allowing caregivers to exchange scheduled shifts with HR approval. This feature promotes flexibility and collaboration among the workforce.
  • Budget control: Set the required HPPD and always know how many nursing shifts are needed, no matter how frequently the patient count changes.
  • Overtime alerts: Stay informed when caregivers are approaching the overtime threshold. Empeon is the only scheduling automation solution that offers this valuable capability.

This release is the beta version of Empeon’s Scheduling solution, with upcoming product iterations to roll out over the next three months from now until December. This version’s features and capabilities include: 

  • Shift organization: Easily differentiate and recognize shifts by color-coding.
  • Customized shift pay rates: Set different pay rates or bonuses for hard-to-fill shifts, allowing you to incentivize and reward your dedicated staff.

“Managing schedules has become increasingly complex due to the evolving healthcare regulations,” said Peretz Rapoport, VP of product at Empeon. “Empeon’s scheduling module is about bringing order, transparency and empowerment to healthcare HR teams and caregivers schedules with a seamless structure to help them focus on what matters most – delivering exceptional patient care.”

To learn more about Empeon’s Scheduling solution, visit



About Empeon

Empeon is a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) software solutions for healthcare organizations. Empeon’s customizable, all-in-one HCM platform empowers businesses to work smarter by streamlining and automating people management processes, including talent acquisition, Human Resources, onboarding, scheduling, and time and labor management. Founded in 1998 as ADS, Empeon has decades of experience supporting the healthcare industry’s unique needs. Empeon wraps its capabilities around individual customer needs and provides a genuine 1:1 relationship with its core team. Learn more at

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