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January 12, 2024

The Future of Healthcare HR: Embracing Change and Innovation in 2024

by Morris Isaacson

The healthcare workforce is changing. The industry has experienced various forms of strain over the last decade, but the pandemic was a tipping point. While most organizations are now back to normal, recovery is far from over.   


Healthcare workers still feel the after-effects of the last few years and have demanded change, and healthcare HR must respond with innovation. A few HR strategies for 2024 can help human resource management navigate these shifts and improve the employee experience.  

Fostering a Human-Centric Workplace Culture  


A human-centric culture revolves around thoughtful human capital management. Policies, procedures and strategies should be tailored to the workforce’s needs, and HR leaders can do this by focusing on three main pillars: flexibility, engagement and collaboration, and empathy-based management.   

Promoting Employee Well-Being  


Burnout and emotional exhaustion are still pressing issues for human resource management. In 2022, 46% of health workers experienced burnout. Numbers have fallen slightly in 2023 but remain high. In 2024, promoting employee well-being through screening, wellness initiatives and holistic health opportunities, including financial health, will be essential. 

Leveraging Technology to Remove Management Hurdles   


These approaches help improve the employee experience, but it’s also vital to consider the challenges that managers and leaders face. Middle management has a unique sandwiched pressure from leadership and managed teams.   

On the one hand, they answer to stakeholders and deliver faster and leaner organizations. On the other, they must regularly solve team problems and deal with overwhelming nonmanagerial work.   


These hurdles directly interfere with momentum, growth, and actual talent management. However, technology, such as automation and AI, can remove these barriers, giving HR managers more time to connect with teams.  

Investing in People and Innovation  

The healthcare trends of 2023 demonstrate a need for greater focus on people and innovation in 2024. Embracing technology helps support that goal and drives flexibility during times of change. With modern human capital management solutions, organizations can simplify the HR cycle, build a resilient workforce and process, and respond confidently to any challenge. 

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